The PEMAC department was blessed with two specialist teachers.

The unforeseen natural disaster – Tropical Cyclone Winston, brought a number of changes in the school program but the department managed to quickly refocus and adjust to the changes and complete the syllabi with ease.

The physical education classes were improvised with a number of modified games suitable for all levels and it also encouraged whole class participation. To the students and parents, the PEMAC department continues to encourage active involvement in indoor and outdoor physical activity for a better and healthy lifestyle. The department strongly contributes towards lifelong learning.

The music classes reflected on basic theory and practical. During the class students learnt to work in groups, use musical instruments and perform in class. Confidence, teamwork and gender equality is emphasized during the singing and performing class. Composition of simple music using the weekly theme was taken as a challenge by all students and it was presented during practical class.

The art classes gave a golden opportunity to all students to display their talents in simple sketching of still life, portrait, landscape and perspective drawing. Painting, weaving, pottery making, construction and carving was a great learning experience to all.

Mr Avinesh Chand – HOD PEMAC