2016 academic year has been a very challenging one for the department, with regards to the teaching, and learning process of the subject, but we thank God who always have a way out of all challenges.

The members in this department worked in unity to complete requirements at hand, meet deadlines and a ssist in w a y p o ssible with the colleagues in the school.

Term 2, week 12 was Office Technology and Computer department week and all activities planned related to the theme “Lifelong Learning Education.

At this juncture, may I personally extend my sincere appreciation to the school administrators for their support, guidance and leadership especially in facilitating the department’s request; and to the members of the department, Mrs Vineeta Chand, Mr Ashneil Narayan and Mrs Sharmila Chand, thank you for your unwavering support and commitment.

To all the students, we wish you luck in the external examination and to everyone and anyone who will glance the pages of this magazine, have a blessed New Year and may God bless you all.