Commerce department is the pivot of our esteemed institution. The issue of commerce staples the most dynamic integration of all of us towards the Social development, Economic Analysis and Reforms, Political adjustment and Financial Management as it mirrors the path for our economy’s growth and development.

The department encompassed various forums such as the Commerce Week which echoed the importance of prudent financial management along with creating investment smart plan interest among students at all levels. The content of awareness also signified the important roles of consumer and how we need to use our rights and responsibilities as to play safe at market place.

This alerts that our Savings and Investment is a vital component in the success principle on which the living standard is being measured. If the tender minds are taught the right mechanisms for investments, the department can change the earning and expenditure culture of our College, nearby communities and finally on the national level. This Financial Literacy Education amongst the students and teachers has given a material knowledge as how to plan the daily income and do a smart investment as to upgrade the living standard. As playing our role in the developing economy, Commerce Department is able to invest equally in education and let our economy grow sustainably.

Year 13 Commerce students got the opportunity to visit the open day programs organized by USP and FNU which has given further interest to progress studies in their respect choices. It was a satisfying experience for the students to get an impression of what the tertiary education institutes offer for their career path.

Inclusively Commerce Club was formed and they played an integral part in the Commerce Week and throughout the years commercial activities at the college. This club was responsible to educate the students who need special attention in commerce subjects and help them to prepare for the exams as to achieve their academic goals. Another objective was met basically to carry out the community service work during the cyclone disaster relief activities in Nadi area.

Lastly our Commerce department had a Challenging, Progressive, Committed, Socializing and Productive year and wishing each and every one in our economy a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year.

Mr. Mahendra Naidu – HOD COMMERCE