To constantly upgrade students Geography, History and Social Science skills and explore the talents one has through various activities.


Making social Skills not only tool for ordinary interaction but emphasizing on the different components of it, so it brings confidence and competence in students and teachers.


“I’m big into social studies, the humanities. I really love history and world issues and philosophy and law.

The Department of Social Science plays a vital role in the lives of students to acquaint themselves with their past present and future. The Department administers curriculum on Social Science for our junior students year 9 and Year 10. As for our Upper Secondary students Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13, the Department offers lessons on History and Geography respectively.

The Department had organized various activities to bring about awareness among our students to be in par with the latest happenings around them as well as mark universally important celebrated events in the college including environment education as a whole.

Some of the events that the Department had organized successfully in the College include:


The Department organized such an event to highlight the plight of indentured labourers (Girmitiyans) who toiled hard to help in the early stages of development in the country they call home now. This event allowed the College to pull out a page from the history books of Fiji to enlighten the students about the essence of such a day to the leaders of tomorrow.

As such the Department organized the following activities which the students actively took part in:

  • Educational resources on Girmit were put up on the notice board in front of the Library.
  • Display of books and articles with pictures was laid out in front of the Geography Laboratory to entail and educate the students.
  • Class based activities such as summary writing poster making, oral presentation and quiz were also organized to encompass the remembrance of Girmitiyans in Fiji.

At this juncture, the College wishes to thank the students and teachers who have contributed immensely to make this event a great succeNELSON MANDELA DAY

The College marked Nelson Mandela Remembrance Day to highlight on the work of the freedom fighter who is world famous for his sacrifice and beliefs. Some of the activities as part of the programme included a short discourse on the life and experience of Late Mr.Mandela by Kushagra of Year12F. With this students were also shown a video on Mr.Mandela’s quest for freedom and a united South Africa. Overall, the programme was quite meaningful and students were well acquainted with the world’s famous icon ‘Nelson Madiba Mandela.


The Nadi Social Science Teachers Association Inter Secondary School debate was organised at the college on 22/07.There were a total of 8 Secondary schools that took part in the inaugural debate. The College was represented by Kushagra, Emmanuel, Pauliasi, Lomani and Dev.