To be a value added department, nurturing young minds to be creative problem solver.


To be caring, competent and cohesive team of teachers nurturing students to be connective, creative and confident problem solvers.


This year has been a successful one for one and all. There were teachers transferred in and out of the department in Term 1 and Term 2. We had teacher shortages; hence the department timetable was also adjusted looking at the needs. Lot of teachers did team teaching in this process.

The department took part in various activities like Team Maths Competition, Team Physics Competition, Australian Maths Competition, Energy Model Competition and Fiji Maths Competition.

Interest and talents of students from all forms were shown. Despite the challenges faced the target of 100 % pass rate was to be achieved for the external exams. The subject teachers at various forms were committed to see to this achievement.

Appreciation to all the department teachers for their tireless efforts, commitment and cooperation shown throughout the year.

Mrs Anjani Raj Singh – HOD Maths & Physics